What inspires me?

What inspires me - Arjun G. Sharma

बहाने नहीं रास्ते खोजिये दोस्तों आपने वो “अंगूर और लोमड़ी” वाली कहानी सुनी होगी ना, जिसमें लोमड़ी पहले अंगूर खाने की कोशिश करती है। लेकिन अंगूर ऊँचे होने की वजह से उसका मुँह नहीं पहुँचता और वो बोलती है कि अंगूर खट्टे हैं। बस वही हाल आज कल हम लोगों का हो गया है। जब…

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Business Lessons

Business Lessons - ArjunGsharma.com

“Wherever you go, you take yourself with you,” says Robin Sharma. Business Lessons: Connect with people: Even if you are an introvert who won’t get bored sitting alone with their thoughts (like I do), get out of your comfort zone even for 10 minutes a day. It’s not only for your business/career growth. It’s also…

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Wonderful Life Lessons

Wonderful Life Lessons - Arjungsharma.com

How can we wrap up 2019 without sharing the wonderful life lessons this year brought along? Here we go, hope you enjoy reading them, as much as I did, writing: Your parents don’t post an IG story on your birthday. Most likely, they aren’t even there on Instagram. Yet no one loves you as they…

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Why I Quit My Job?

I had an ideal job. I had a good salary. I had friendly and smart teammates. And I learned a ton about building software and working on a team—especially coming from working on my own for most of my career. Still—after more than 9 months at the company—I was bored. I could name a few…

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