IoT / Robotics


Our courses teach you how to build IoT products and services in a simple and user friendly method.

We cover the topics from scratch and there are no prerequisites for this course.

The participants of our training programmes are provided with all the physical tools required for building their projects on IoT.

The kit contains WiFi IoT Development Board, Sensors, Actuators and access to the Cloud Platform.

The courses are offered as self paced – online workshops which you can learn from the convenience of your home or classroom workshops at various Institutes, Tech fest’s and locations near you.

Choose the right type of course for you

Online IOT Training

Classroom IoT Training

Best Robotics Kit for Making Multiple projects:

Components in the Kit:

  • Ardiuno Uno Geniune Board
  • Motors: 2
  • Caster Wheel
  • Main Wheels: 2
  • Chessis
  • Bluetooth-HC-05
  • Motor Driver
  • Jumper Wires
  • Batteries
  • Connectors
  • Switch
  • Infrared/Proximity Sensor
  • Snappers
  • USB To Serial Cable
  • LED Lights
  • Screw Driver
  • Fittings
  • Double side Tape
  • Single Channel Relay
  • L293D IC

This Kit can be used to make around 50 different projects, some of the Examples are:

  • Line Follower
  • Obsticle Finder
  • Edge Avoider
  • Android Controlled Robots
  • Robo Fighter
  • Spy Robots
  • Voice Controlled Robots
  • Accelerometer controlled Robot
  • Home Automation via Bluetooth
  • Home Automation via Wifi
  • Home Automation via Internet
  • Anti-Theft System
  • Remote Controlled Pick and Place Robotic Vehicle

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Workshop Request

Request a Classroom Workshop for the following:
1. Company
2. Corporate Event
3. TechFest
4. College/Institute
5. Student Chapter/Community
6. In your city


Request for a workshop at your area/institue/Techfest


This workshop is mainly aimed to create awareness on IOT by giving Hands-on experience of building an IOT application.


Target Audience:

Anyone who want to explore IOT.

Workshop Contents:

Morning session:


IOT Basics:

· IOT introduction

· IOT Business

· Applications

· Design of an IOT Product

· Machine to machine communication

· IOT Hardware Platforms

· Cloud and Big Data

· End to End Architecture Discussion

· hardware for IOT

· Cloud Computing

· Career opportunities in IOT

Sensors and actuators:

· Sensors(Temp, Humidity, motion etc)

· Protocols(MQTT,COAP etc)

· Gateways

· Actuators(LEDs, Motors etc)



· ESP8266

· Introduction to Node mcu

· Versions of NODE MCU

· Pinouts

· NODE MCU firmware

· Flashing the Firmware using ESPFlasher


· Integrating esp8266 libraries to Arduino IDE

· Updating the libraries

· Basic blink LED program

· DHT sensor discussion

· Interfacing the DHT sensor to NODE MCU

· Monitoring the Temp and Humidity values on serial monitor

Afternoon session:

Remote Accessing:

· Accessing the DHT data over WIFI on Webpage and mobile (local Wi-Fi).

Remote Controlling:

· Remotely controlling LEDs through Android app (local Wi-Fi).


· Introduction to CC & BD

· What really happens on Cloud?

· Analytics

Interfacing with the cloud:

· Remote accessing the Temp and humidity over cloud

· Remote controlling of appliances over cloud.

Time: 9:30am to 5:30 pm

Fee: 1500/- per head.


Hardware kit extra (Rs: 3500) Includes:

1) Node mcu development board

2) 2 channel relay boards

3) 4 LEDs

4) Cutter

5) 10 wire strips

6) Bread board

7) Programming cable

8) DHT 11 sensor(temp and humidity sensor)

9) LDR sensor

10) 9V battery




Learn the concepts of Robotics- Line Follower, Obstacle detector, Android controlled car, Home Automation System, quadcopters and a lot more.
Broad Overview of Workshop:
1. Introduction to IOT
2. Little Bit About the GPIO’s of the AVR controller
3. Autonomous Robot
4. Android App Development
5. Android Controlled Robot
6. Web Development
7. IOT(Home Automation)
8. Introduction to Quadcopters
9. Working Principles of Quadcopter
10. Electronic Speed Controller
11. Brushless Motors
12. Use of Battery and Propellers
13. Calibration of APM 2.8
14. Building a Quadcopter
Who can attend:
•Candidates interested in:
o Internet of Things
o Robotics
o Home Automation Systems
o Quadcopters
o Microcontrollers
•Students(any Branch & any Course)
•Researchers of IOT and automation
•Faculties and Lecturers
1) Authorized Certificate
2) Discount coupons for advanced courses
3) Internship opportunities
Limited Seats. Total Fees: INR 1500/-
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